Tradesman Ute Fitout

From custom toolboxes to rugged roof racks and everything in between, our team have creativity to transform your vehicle into a versatile and efficient workspace.


Custom toolboxes and durable roof racks, capable of carrying ladders and conduit pipes with ease to set you up for any electrical project with efficiency.


Transport bulky pipes and fittings with custom-designed shelving units and compartmentalised toolboxes ensure that every wrench, pipe cutter, and fitting is readily accessible when you need it. Add a roof rack for ample space for carrying lengths of pipe and other oversized materials.


Keep everything organised and in its place with custom solutions such as slide-out drawers, adjustable shelving, and lockable compartments. 

No matter your trade, we’re here to help you optimise your vehicle setup for maximum efficiency and convenience. Whether you’re a locksmith, a landscaper, or a HVAC technician, Tom’s Towbar’s can help make the job easier.