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Custom & Off The Shelf Vehicle Accessories

High quality products with a professional, personalised service

At Tom’s Towbars, we can custom manufacture a large range of vehicle accessories. Whether you are four-wheel-driving through our rugged Australian conditions, or own a commercial vehicle that works around the clock, you demand equipment that will go the distance. Tom’s Towbars products have proved themselves for many years, and that is why you will find them all over Perth streets.

We have been diligent in ensuring we can offer every customer, including you, the absolute best end-to-end service possible. Which is why we provide not just the canopy, and its accessories, but also a wide range of additional accessories for your vehicle as well.

Whether you are looking for a GVM and suspension upgrade, or just want to add a bullbar and some driving lights, Tom’s offers a complete end-to-end solution for vehicle fit-outs.