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Perth Weighbridge

Certified weighbridge up to 6 tonnes

Why use Tom's Weighbridge?

With our on-site public weighbridge check the weight of your vehicle, caravan and tow vehicle, boat or trailer. Make sure you know exactly what you’re current weights are so you can stay within the law for weight limits for your vehicles.


Ensure your vehicle and tow are not overweight and safe to be on the road. The Transport Department are getting more vigilant with their vehicle weight checks, with hefty fines and even impounding.


If your vehicle is in an accident and exceed its maximum weight, there’s a good chance your insurance company will reject a claim regardless of who’s at fault.


Modified your vehicle? Come check what affects your upgrades/downgrades have had on your vehicle, caravan or trailer.

Professional weighing services

What types of vehicles can we weigh?

We are committed to increasing road safety, by providing a professional weighing service that checks the weight and compliance of your rig.

Our Perth weighbridge measures 6530 in length and 2500 in  width with a maximum load capacity of 6 tonnes.

No bookings necessary

Open Monday to Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM

We’re proud to offer a wide range of quality, real world tested vehicle accessories. Tom’s Towbars are an authorized supplier and fitter of many well-known and trusted brands.

Learn more about

WA Vehicle Safety, Standards & Security

Follow the link below to find information covering towbar standards and requirements for towing trailers and caravans, plus information relating to A Frame Towing and towing agricultural implements.